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The promo for the 1987 US miniseries, starring Judd Nelson, declared: "Young Rich and Out Of Control". The plot was pure Hollywood. A group of young, wealthy men from Los Angeles formed an exclusive syndicate that consisted of both a private social club and a part-time investment company. They lived the high-life until they were arrested for the murders a former Iranian official and a conman. This cautionary tale about greed and lack personal responsibility during the decade of excess was not a scriptwriter’s commission but rather a true story. It is set to be retold in the 2016 remake of Billionaire Boys Club.

"It is a fantastic story," says British actor Jeremy Irvine, unofficial ambassador for Patek Philippe Replica Watches. "And Judd Nelson who played Billionaire Boys Club Leader Joe Hunt in 1987 came back to portray Joe's father. I play Kyle Biltmore. This is not his real name. Joe and Dean Karny brought Kyle and Scott into the club.replica watches Together, they were LA's party boys rockstars - they bought clubs, took copious quantities of cocaine and partied day and night. They slept all over 1980s LA.

"It was a lot of fun being involved in the movie and I basically rocked up to snort cocaine and party. The director sent me an Spotify playlist with music that he thought Kyle would listen to. It was a lot of aggressive post-punk. The costumes were amazing - bright neon pink shirts and leather jackets. The Biltmores are the epitome of excess and sociopathic behavior - they'd buy a Porsche 911 and smash it, then think 'Fuck It!' and throw the keys into a ditch before walking away to buy another. It's great to play a character like this. "I've played some very unhappy characters, so it's wonderful to have fun for a few weeks."

Hollywood Royalty

Irvine's Ben, in Beyond The Reach (2014) was the opposite of Kyle Biltmore. Irvine described this film as "fun, but odd", and it was his first opportunity to perfect the American accent he would need for Billionaire Boys Club. Irvine and Michael Douglas are the only people to appear on the screen for almost the entire movie.Zenith Replica Watches Douglas is an unscrupulous John Madec, a businessman who has a desire to get his hands on the ultimate trophy for hunters: the Bighorn sheep. A mistaken shooting changes everything after Madec hires Ben as his guide to take him through the Mojave desert. Ben is now Madec's prey.

Irvine says that Michael Douglas was "fantastic". "I was asked if I would fly to New York to see him and audition with him. I knocked at his door at 10am, and he opened it. The first time I met him was a little frightening, but he's a very talented man and he's a very easy person to work with. Michael was working on the movie while also producing it. Michael had to go out of town for an award ceremony while we were filming. When he returned, he found his Emmy [for HBO's Behind the Candelabra] stuffed in the boot.

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