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Four of the seven artisans we visited were working on the Tropical Bird Repeater. This is one of Omega Replica's most outstanding 2018 new products. The hummingbird feathers were engraved and painted by one artisan, while the peacock's feathers were painted by another. Two artisans were engraving 18-Karat gold cases with detailed designs next to their workstations. One of the engravers said to me: "We all engraved the same design but we do it in our own unique way." Each of us has our own tools,omega replica which we sometimes make by hand, and we each interpret the same design in a different way. The engravings are so minute that I could tell who made the case by just looking at them.

When I looked through the microscope at the engravings they were doing, it was obvious that this type work requires a lot of passion and patience. The engraver was almost finished with one side of a case that took him two weeks to complete. He was now ready to begin the other side. She smiled and said, "We are used to it. We love what we do."

Engravers at work

Christian Lattmann, the CEO of Omega Replica, was just about to leave with us. We had notebooks of notes, and cameras full of pictures. We were effusive with our praise when he asked how we enjoyed our visit.Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Replica He said with pride, "I am glad to hear that, as it is our goal to 'emerveiller' our visitors." We were indeed amazed.

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The full names of the employees have been removed in accordance with Omega Replica's policy.

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